🎉 We launched our new AI Applicant Sorting feature. Show your support on Product Hunt or watch the demo

🎉 We launched our new AI Applicant Sorting feature. Show your support on Product Hunt or watch the demo



Product Update - October 2023

Product Update - October 2023

Anvisha Pai

Co-founder @ Dover

October 31, 2023

2 min

Dover is a modern suite of tools and services to help you attract and hire top talent.

This month, we've been hard at work shipping improvements to our Free ATS, our Chrome extension, and the rest of our platform. Read on to learn more!

AI interview feedback formatter

Dover can now fill out interview feedback scorecards with AI

Here's how:

  1. Paste in your raw interview notes or even a call transcript.

  2. AI magically organizes and summarizes.

  3. Receive a beautifully complete and polished scorecard/rubric in moments.

It's designed to make recruiting fast and efficient AND it's built into our ATS, which is totally free.

Rich email notifications for new applicants

Now, you can enable email alerts for new "best match" applicants.

By turning this on, you won't miss out on top applicants and can respond to them quickly by clicking one of the buttons in the email.

You can also get this email as a daily digest, or opt to get notifications in Slack.

Enable notifications in your Settings.

Sourcing Copilot Chrome extension updates

⭐️ If you haven't tried it yet, Dover's Sourcing Copilot is a Chrome extension for quickly sourcing and emailing candidates on LinkedIn with personalized, AI-powered outreach.

When you download a resume from LinkedIn, Sourcing Copilot will automatically use that info to personalize outreach and create a PDF resume in Dover.

Get Sourcing Copilot from the Chrome webstore.

New blog post: Should you be hiring AI Engineers?

AI Engineering job openings are growing quickly. But should you be hiring for this role, and more importantly, what does it even entail?

In our new blog post, we dive deep into how engineering has evolved and and explore what it means to be an AI Engineer.

Read the post.

Stay tuned for an update next month packed with more exciting features!

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