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Dover charges based on the number of searches you open.

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for 2 roles
6 Months
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Dover Inbound

Dover posts your roles in all the right spots, then automatically triages the best applicants.

Dover Outbound

Dover identifies and reaches out to 100+ candidate matches each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you.

Dover Referral

Dover searches your network and your teams network to identify candidate matches you already know.

Slack + ATS Integration

Get all of your candidate profiles conveniently.

First Round Phone Screens

Dover conducts the first call and sends you notes.

Dedicated Support

Your own support team available right in Slack.

Strategic Consultant

We'll develop and execute the right recruiting strategy, consulting on JDs and coach you through offers.

Unlimited Roles

Dover will work on roles across your organization.

Pipeline Management

Dover tracks candidates through your entire interview process.

Candidate Management

We make sure the ball doesn't get dropped. Candidates are never ghosted!


Dover measures recruiting performance relative to industry benchmarks.

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