Product Update - February 2024

Anvisha Pai

Cofounder and CPO

March 1, 2024

2 min

Powerful new search experience

Navigating Dover just got a lot faster. We partnered with CommandBar to launch a powerful, smart universal search.

🔎 Click on the search bar or type cmd+k to get started.

Then, start typing to search for candidates, applicants, jobs and help docs.

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New integration: Post your jobs on X Hiring

Dover's one-click integration with X Hiring allows your company to post for free to X's platform and organically reach millions of candidates.

You can also promote your postings and feature your roles by becoming an X Verified Organization.

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Dover Talent Network (Beta)

When you use Dover as your ATS, you can enable the Dover Talent Network to instantly get active, qualified candidates as soon as you post a job.

It's easy—just enable it on your Dover Careers Page settings. Candidates will get alerted when they match the criteria for similar jobs at other companies, and you’ll start getting alerted about great active candidates matching your jobs.

Thousands of top candidates have already opted in to the Dover Talent Network.

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Additional product features

  • Now you can reactivate a job instead of creating a new job from scratch.

  • Queue scheduling and rejection emails to send later by selecting a date and time.

  • Improved one-click integrations with Indeed, LinkedIn and X Hiring. Learn more

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