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With Dover, you can:

  • Supercharge your hiring process and create a better candidate experience
  • Source candidates based on your ideal profile
  • Let Dover handle your first round phone screens so you can spend more time talking to highly qualified candidates
  • Eliminate candidate drop-off by 40% by automatically scheduling interviews and on-sites across multiple calendars.
  • ...and more! 
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Automated outbound sourcing

Supercharge your top-of-funnel.

After 5 minutes of calibration and setup, Dover identifies and reaches out to 100+ candidate matches each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you.

Plug in your requirements and let us find the right profile across 50+ data points.
Automate your outbound outreach and personalize it at scale.
Dover only surfaces candidates that are interested and pass your bar, meaning no more filtering through resumes.
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Referrals(learn more)
A custom careers page for your company
Candidate tracking and pipeline metrics
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per interested candidate
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