Why we’re launching a free ATS

Max Kolysh

At Dover, our mission is to empower every company in the world to build an amazing team. Over the past 4 years, we've made massive strides towards this mission, serving more than 1200 customers to date.

When Dover was getting started in 2019, we constantly heard that companies wanted one thing when it came to recruiting: sourcing. Given the tight tech labor market at the time, this made sense, as it was harder than ever for companies to get qualified candidates. Sourcing was the first product we built, scaled, and automated.

But sourcing wasn’t enough to help companies build a great team—they actually needed help making hires. To support this, Dover expanded into services. We built out scheduling, interviewing, and full-cycle recruiting capabilities.

We’re excited to announce the next step in our journey: the launch of our completely free Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The most common question I’ve gotten is: why is it free? I wanted to share some of the behind-the-scenes of our strategy.

Why is the Dover ATS free?

There are a few reasons we decided to make our core ATS completely free:

1. Democratize access to recruiting best practices

At Dover, we aim to equip all companies with tools to run a world-class hiring process, regardless of their size or hiring needs. Most companies don’t have a consistently high volume of hiring needs. It doesn’t make sense to maintain expensive subscriptions to sourcing, scheduling, and reporting tools or recruiting services when hiring needs are low.

However, an ATS is the one recruiting product every company should have. It’s the backbone on top of which your recruiting infrastructure is built. It allows companies to host a basic careers page and organize applicants, even when hiring passively.

Running a world-class recruiting process is really about getting 50 tiny things right (e.g. making sure your interviewers have availability within the next week). Most ATS’s let you shoot yourself in the foot with a ton of configuration and complexity, without guiding you toward best practices. We want every company to have an easy-to-use system that helps them get the basics right.

2. Support hiring bursts with one click

A crucial part of our free product strategy is making it really easy to support companies whose hiring needs rapidly increase, as often happens with startups. With just one click, users can spin up either of our two high-touch offerings — Sourcing Autopilot and Embedded Recruiter — without the need to switch platforms or spend a lot of time vetting and spinning up new tools.

We’ve proven that these two flagship products can help companies with even the most difficult hires — over 500 companies have hired more than 2000 candidates through these products in the last few years. Almost universally, companies begin to ramp up our Embedded or Sourcing offerings when they are already behind on hiring goals. The free ATS lets Dover help companies with hiring before that inevitably happens.

3. Create the candidate experience that we always wanted

A critical piece of the ATS is the candidate experience. The ATS controls how candidates apply, how quickly they get scheduled, and whether or not they get ghosted.

Ask any candidate in the job market right now and they’ll tell you how rough it is to be an applicant. Many ATS’s make candidates lives harder. For example, making them fill out the same information they’re already uploaded in their resume, or letting them linger in the ATS without a response from a recruiter or hiring manager.

The Dover ATS was designed with built-in with recruiting best practices, and comes with workflow management tools and some really cool AI-powered features that make the candidate experience incredible. Soon, companies will be able to publish their recruiting metrics on the careers page, showing candidates how seriously they treat their recruiting SLAs. Our goal is to get candidates excited to apply when they see a Dover-powered careers page — they know this company takes candidate experience seriously.

We’re excited for the launch to bring us one step closer to our mission of helping every company build a world-class recruiting motion and an amazing team.

To learn more, check out dover.com/ats.

Max Kolysh