The playbook you NEED when hiring for a new role

Katy Culver

When you're about to open up a job req for a “first-of” role, spend 30 minutes to save 20+ hours later:

Build a hiring playbook.

We asked Coley Raustein, Talent Partner (and recruiting team of one) at Memora Health, for her advice on hiring “first of” roles our podcast, How We Built Our Team.

This was her #1 tip.

The Hiring Playbook forces you to take a methodical approach to defining:

  • The reason you’re hiring for this role (and why now)

  • The objectives this person needs to accomplish in the role

  • The competencies and skillsets they need to achieve those objectives

  • The structured interview process (Who’s involved? Why? What are they assessing?)

Not only will it help you get clarity on the role for yourself, but it’ll help your entire interviewer team stay aligned weeks later.

We built out a basic template of the New Role Hiring Playbook that you can use to get aligned on new roles & set up for success.

Download it here.

Check out our full episode with Coley for a ton of tactical tips for early stage recruiters and hiring managers.

Katy Culver