How Dover can improve your candidate experience and reduce dropoff by 40%

Magda Cychowski

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Candidate Management product that automates scheduling and follow-ups and conducts first-round phone screens, saving teams 20 to 30 hours per hire.

Many of our customers know and love these products already, so we’ve worked hard to optimize their functionality, and ensure we can support all of our customers in their scheduling and screening needs. Early adopters of Candidate Management have seen incredible success, including a 40% decrease in candidate dropoff. As a result, they’re able to evaluate more than double the candidates in the final stages, ensuring they’re making an offer to the perfect fit.

The product has two key components:

  1. End-to-end scheduling, which automates schedule coordination, and follow-up and rejection emails to candidates with customizable templates. (screenshots)

  2. Dover Interviewer leverages an expert team of interviewers to handle first-round phone screens, saving customers an average of 60 to 80 hours of screening per hire.

Candidate Management saved us so much mental energy. It saved candidates time in waiting to hear from us, and the number of people who drop off in our process has decreased because they're not waiting weeks to hear more.
Nina Iordanova, Chief of Staff at Pearmill

Though candidate experience might sound like a buzzword these days, not prioritizing it is a costly and far-reaching mistake: 63% of job seekers will reject a job offer because of a bad candidate experience, and 27% would “actively discourage” others from applying with that company. Over time, this means it gets harder to attract candidates, especially when hiring for similar roles.

The challenges of remote work environments have only compounded the problem of providing a good experience, but those that nail it are seeing long-term results: companies that optimized their process were 3x likelier to improve first-year retention than those who did not.

“Candidate Management features have allowed us to dramatically scale our recruiting efforts, allowing us to hire excellent people without having to have a large in-house recruiting team. We've also learned best practices by working with the Dover team on configuring how the Candidate Management lifecycle works (e.g., what questions to ask in the screener). This has enabled us to focus on the core parts of the recruiting process: assessing the candidate's fit and qualifications, and providing the candidate with the key pieces of information about the company.”
Ritik, CEO of Savvy Wealth

Features of Dover's Candidate Management

Scheduling operations

  • Dover sends scheduling reminders if candidates are not responsive and proactively flags when interviewers don’t have availability

Candidate preparedness and engagement

  • The candidate feels prepared for each interview, knows where they are in the process and what to expect next

  • Proactive alerts for unengaged candidates

  • Automated follow-ups when steps are delayed

Interviewer preparedness:

  • Create a detailed interview plan, track interviewer training, and balance interviewer load

  • Customized calendar invites are sent to interviewers with:

  • Links to interview rubrics or scorecards

  • Video meeting links

  • Helpful resources

  • Debriefs scheduled automatically

How it works:

  1. Set up your interview plan

  2. Respond to notifications after each call directly in Slack - to either reject or pass a candidate on to the next stage.

  3. Dover sends an email and schedules the next call

  4. Emails are fully customizable so you can leave personal notes to candidates that are a high priority for you.