Dover Autopilot — better than ever, and free for new users

Magda Cychowski

Over the last four years, Dover has helped companies like Scale AI, Stripe, OpenSea, Benchling, and 400+ others make 2,000+ hires.But we were often too expensive for startups.

We’ve pushed hard to make it ridiculously easy for any founder, recruiter, or hiring manager to use Dover. (This was possible thanks to years of painstaking automation, data munging, and advances in AI like GPT-3).

We’re excited to announce that today, we’re unveiling our first-ever self-serve tier the fastest, easiest way to spin up a world-class outbound recruiting motion in minutes.

I used to spend hours drafting recruiting emails and sourcing candidates. Dover took the hard work off my plate, saving me 20-30 hours a week (at minimum). Adam Seitzman, Head of Sales and GTM, Copilot

How does it work?

Dover Autopilot is designed to make it easy for you to find and hire the best candidates, with three key highlights:

1. Set up a job search in < 5 seconds.

Upload a link to your job description, and Dover Autopilot will automatically parse your requirements to find a shortlist of candidates.

2. Automatically generate personalized outreach.

Your candidate outbox shows you a shortlist of top talent that meets your criteria. From here, you can edit Dover’s automatically generated (and personalized!) outreach for each candidate.

3. Source while you sleep with our autopilot feature.

Turn sourcing on Full Auto, and Dover will automatically reach out to 100+ candidates a week that meet your criteria, only surfacing those that express interest. We call it “sourcing while you sleep”. (Don’t worry, you can still review every email before it goes out if you prefer.)

As a founder, I'm balancing tens of things at a given time and it was a relief to hand off sourcing candidates to Dover. They ramped up instantly and helped steer us to great candidates for our React Native roles. Alex Black, Former CEO, InvoiceSimple

Magda Cychowski