Startups Love Dover

Startups Love Dover

Startups Love Dover

“Dover's ATS has given us more time back to spend in the lab and the tools we need to build our team”

Naren Tallapragada

CEO and Co-founder, Tessel Bio

“We use Dover to consolidate applications into one place, automate scheduling, and quickly filter candidates based on ideal characteristics. Hiring processes can be unorganized and frustrating, using Dover’s free ATS has been refreshing!"

Joseph Lee

Co-founder and CEO, Supademo

"Dover has helped the Roboflow team finally track all our applicants across disparate job boards and ATS platforms in one centralized place.”

Jack Gallo

Business Operations, Roboflow

"Dover has been one of the best user experiences in terms of intuitive navigation through the dashboards and display of information. And the support team has been the best I have ever experienced anywhere."

Daisy Woods

Engineering, Greensky Games

"From an ROI perspective, I really like what Dover does. The benchmark reporting is really amazing."

Eric Pelnik

Head of Growth, Commonstock

"Dover made it super easy to manage all of our recruiting activities and allowed us to find our first engineers effortlessly. Having all of our recruiting functions taken care of in one platform was incredibly helpful and made it a breeze. Dover integrated seamlessly with Slack and made it effortless to get stared. I can’t say enough good things."

Patrick Gilligan

Founder, Somethings

"The reporting and metrics have been great. For each role, we can see where people are at and forecast out. It gives us confidence that we're proactively taking the right steps."

Pranav Piyush

VP of Product and Customer Marketing,

"Dover can automate scheduling so we could optimize bottom-funnel candidate experience, which was game-changing."

Christopher Weber

CTO, Factor

"Dover's ATS is fantastic! It offers everything other ATS's offer but with a more appealing interface."

Adam Stevenson

Co-Founder, Thatch

“I have all the information that I need in Slack and then literally, I just click a button, and I decide whether to advance that person or not. It saved us so much mental energy and saved candidates time in waiting to hear from us.”

Nina Iordanova

Chief of Staff, Pearmill

"Dover is so easy for hiring managers. I just have to read some resumes and hit "Approve" or "Reject" and everything else is done automatically for me. Saves me a ton of time."

Pablo Lleras

Senior Director of Engineering, Pixlee

"It's so incredibly easy to keep up in Slack and let Dover take care of moving candidates through the process."

Shannon Kay

Cofounder/CPO, Topline Pro

The way Dover handles candidate touchpoints and scheduling saves me a lot of time, especially as I manage all recruiting efforts and have limited internal support with recruiting coordination."

Kaivan Wadia

CTO, Coverforce

"So few clicks, so little time, so little mental stress."

Neal Jean

Founder, CEO

“Our Embedded Recruiter is detailed oriented and knows how to set up a solid hiring process very well. We’ve a small hiring team at the moment and we are grateful for our Embedded Recruiters help to make hiring successful at our company. I don’t say it enough, but thank you for your help!!!”

Matt Huber

Co-founder, Aware

“In hiring for a crucial position, Dover’s Embedded Recruiter demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise. They crafted a comprehensive case study assessment, assisted in its analysis, formulated relevant interview questions, and shared valuable insights, leading to the successful onboarding of a well-suited candidate”

Cyrus Karai

Co-founder and CEO, CoverForce

“Getting the customized screening questions to ask each person was hugely valuable. Dover has taught me a lot about hiring."

Alyssa Atkins

Founder, Lilia

"Dover accelerated our process and we had peace of mind that we were being consistent and fine-tuning the type of candidate we needed over time."

Grant Lee

Founder, Gamma

Dover's Embedded Recruiter is amazing. I can't think of how they could be doing a better job. I rely on Dover not only for support on tactical issues but also as a domain expert in recruiting and recruiting technology.

Peter Doro

Senior Solutions Manager, Memora Health

"Recruiting services like Triplebyte will find the first person for the job, but Dover finds the best person for the job."

Henrik Berggren

CEO, Steady Health

"Dover's been an awesome sourcer for us, and accounts for a huge amount of our overall candidate volume. They're also easy to work with and responsive. Would recommend to anyone."

Isaac Silverman

CEO, Daydream

"Dover's candidates match our profiles and there’s a deep understanding of our needs as a startup. Seriously, how do you exist?"

Jackie Wagner

Chief of Staff, Glue

"Dover was instrumental in helping me hire in an organized way and in a quality/professional way during our screenings and search. Dover is also really awesome to work with. Fun, easy, great team."

Kara Moran

Marketing Manager, Steady Health

“Working with Dover has meant we get support on all fronts, and from every angle of recruiting including sourcing, optimal channel usage, and interview best practices.”

Sofie Pechner

Chief of Staff, Mozart Data

"Dover was incredibly flexible. It was refreshing to work with a company that understood the nuances of filling a niche role."

Soroush Khodaii

Head of Growth, Invoice Simple

"Dover has been very effective in finding the right candidate quickly. I have come to depend on Dover to find me great talent. I also feel that Dover is at the leading edge of innovation to raise the bar in recruiting."

Debashis Biswas

CTO, Aware

"Dover offered quick, reasonably priced hiring results. I could quantify the impact in terms of my time. Plus, the other options were absurdly expensive."

Deepak Chhugani

CEO, Nuvocargo

“It is incredibly easy to get started - it took me 15 minutes to get onboarded, and at the end of it, I was already calibrating whether or not a set of candidates were a good fit based on what I wanted in a hire.”

Eric Martin

Head of Sales, Vanta

"All of the hires we’ve made are some of our most successful employees. We got four incredible people for the normal price of one recruiter."

Gabe Ruttner

Founder/CEO, Clearmix

“Once we have the playbook for a hire, it's very easy to rinse and repeat. Dover gave us so many good people in a week I had to tell them to turn it off.”

Joren McReynolds

VP of Engineering, Panther

"Dover makes my life as a founder much easier. Being able to outsource initial screenings (which take SO much time) is amazing. Plus, getting inbound automatically is huge –– so far, we've hired two great people with Dover's help!"

Matt Shumer

CEO/Founder, OthersideAI

"This platform is a lifesaver! The job form and outreach templates are super easy to use. The searches filtering is a game changer. Plus, their customer service rocks! I highly recommend this platform for anyone looking to streamline their hiring process."

Morgan Dollard

Cofounder, RunCanopy

"I make sure to mention Dover in every conversation I have about hiring."

Parth Padgaonkar

Head of Engineering, Mercury

"Very cool that the product generates candidates minutes after you fill out what you're looking for. The Slack flow also seems great"

Pat Morrell

Chief Revenue Officer, Aiwyn

"Huge fans of Dover. We've gotten a ton of leverage for using Dover for over a year — more than 50% of our hires have come from the platform."

Ritik Malthotra

CEO, Savvy Wealth

"The velocity of candidates is great - I didn't expect to get candidates flowing into Slack so quickly after onboarding."

Scott Woody

CTO, Metronome

"The number of good candidates was well above expectations. It's also great having candidates show up in Slack–I don't actually need to log into the app for anything."

Stefan Kende

Founder, Swell

"Dover put in place great recruiting practices and led to large efficiency gains for us. It's awesome to see new hiring managers here benefit from that."

Sunny Rochiramani

VP of Engineering, Descript

"Using Dover for the first time made me realize how behind the entire recruiting agency industry is today. Dover has solved the technology parts of recruiting that make my life as a hiring manager much, much easier."

Vineet Gopal

Head of App Engineering, Benchling

"We couldn’t slow down. Product-market fit was accelerating and we didn’t have time to put in a recruiter or HR generalist in place. We used Dover to kickstart and accelerate hiring quickly."

Greg Shove

CEO, Section4

"Letting Dover handle our phone screens means that I can spend more time asking qualitative questions when I meet a candidate."

David Atlas

Head of Operations,

"Dover made it easy to review candidates and move them along in the process. They also handled all of the initial screens which was a huge time save for our team."

Haley Fraser

Director of Marketing, Pixlee Turnto

"We are very happy with the quality of candidates sourced through Dover and have operationalized sending all first round phone screens, significantly reducing the burden on our team internally."

Rebecca Marks

Head of Delivery and Ops, Weights & Biases

"The Dover interviewer product is fantastic — the notes are awesome! This saves me time on conducting phone screens and provides lots of helpful info so I can decide whether we want to proceed with candidates."

Mario Malave

Founder, Wagr

"Dover has made my life so easy. I feel like it's an extension of myself."

Kundan Kumar

Head of AI, Descript

"The Dover app made life without an ATS much easier. The Slack integration is phenomenal and established a quick candidate feedback process."

Abhishek Das

Co-founder, Acante

"That was another reason we liked Dover… we were able to get updates about interested candidates right in Slack. It kept things organized for us."

Gabriella DeFlorio

CEO/Founder, Prelay

"Dover is practically our recruiting department. Wouldn't be able to hire without it!"

Nick M.

Product Lead, Salsa

“Personalized emails have been a game-changer for us. We’ve seen a lot of responses that say: ‘Hey, I get a lot of these, but I had to respond because you took the time to really look at my background.’

Ray Lyons

VP Product, eSpark Learning

"Dover has been hugely helpful in our top of funnel efforts and without Dover I'd have to do the work which would consume way too much of my time."

Alan Besquin

CTO, Somewear

"Dover is definitely increasing our funnel - we have 10x as many quality candidates as before."

Daman Walia

Founder, CEO

"Dover made our top-of-funnel process so smooth and seamless that we successfully filled both our open positions while we were simultaneously overhauling our entire product."

Darian Bhathena

Cofounder/CTO, Finary

“We tried virtually every other source before Dover — it was the only platform that provided us with candidates of the right caliber. In fact, the first person we spoke to ended up being the person we hired.”

Irfan Alam

CEO, Frontrow Health

"Dover for top of funnel is MVP."

Jackie Wu

CEO, Corvus

"Before Dover, we were doing one phone screen per week - now we're up to four. We really enjoy working with this team."

Jeff Chen

Founder, Pixlee Turnto

“Dover’s ATS simplifies the hiring process and provides an excellent level of support, ensuring a seamless migration during implementation!”

Julie Yang

Director of People and Culture

"Dover helps us reach more people at a time where volume is very important. Their integrations with our systems make communication very easy."

Jessica Steffl

Recruiter, Steady Health

"Dover kept us on track to make sure candidates were moving quickly through the pipeline, which was a huge weight off my back."

Sophia Blistein

Recruiting Ops Manager, OpenInvest

“Dover’s Embedded Recruiter is fantastic! They take a consultative approach to supporting our hiring initiatives while also being extremely hands on. Whether its talking through product updates or hiring best practices, I can rely on Dover’s Embedded Recruiter to set us up for success.”

Coley Raustein

Talent Partner, Memora Health

“Dover’s Embedded Recruiter has been great - always on top of everything and always willing to help us figure out creative solutions for our various hiring needs”

Steven Cherucheril

Chief of Staff, Savvy Wealth

The team at Dover has an impressive ability to adapt to our specific requirements. Their commitment to tailoring support to our preferences truly distinguishes them as a valuable partner in our success.

Lisa Dimock

Talent and Culture, Validere

"Our recruiting team has been spread really thin and Dover has acted as what feels like extra in-house recruiters. Regular communication makes the integrations of teams feel seamless."

Bernard Alvarado

Recruiter, Infinitus

"I view Dover as a great product that augments recruiting efforts very well and has the capability to be something we'll use to increase our recruiter's capabilities and be a force multiplier as we grow."

Brandon Whitman

Head of Talent, Sisu

Dover's Embedded Recruiter has been a great partner throughout the search process. They are proactive, highly responsive, and have helped ease the burden on the hiring manager.

James Wheaton

UX Design Manager, Memora Health

"Dover's Embedded Recruiter offering has been extremely helpful. Dover has taken the time to listen to our hiring needs, make a plan that works for our team, and follow through reliably with that plan."

Justin Thompson

Recruiter, Weights & Biases

"I love Dover, it coordinates with my recruiting and hiring processes and my ATS easily. I can hand-choose how much control my hiring managers have over the hiring process."

Pamela Alboraz

Head of HR, ForeVR

Dover has really made hiring much easier, not just the platform itself but the team! Dover's support team is also exceptional. Super responsive and helps with all the queries! the best platform!"

Shaira Javier

Head of People, Supermove

“We use LinkedIn Jobs, BuiltIn, and an outsourced team, and when tracking top-of-funnel leads week over week, Dover is always top 3 when it comes to efficiency in getting those leads to an offer stage.”

Devin Blase

VP of People, Truework

“We see an incredible ROI in the tool. It saves my recruiters tons of time, and the way that the product has evolved in the past couple of months shows me that there's an investment in your customers.”

Devon Siegel

VP of People,

"As the sole recruiter on the team, I was really excited that Dover took the sourcing piece off my plate. Plus, the Slack and ATS integration make communication super easy.

Nick Bruno

Senior Director of Recruiting, Forge Global

"We've made some great hires with Dover - it's a great addition to our sourcing arsenal and has helped add good candidates to the funnel at times when bandwidth was very tight."

Masha Spivak

Talent Team Lead, Scratchpad

"In addition to showing you candidates that are great fits, Dover also presents you with those who have unconventional backgrounds. Inevitably, you end up hiring more diverse talent with unique backgrounds."

Eric Fruchtbaum

Lead Recruiter, Archive Resale

"Dover aids in our ability to increase top of funnel pipelines for roles, and we love the incredible support of our team."

Justin Melbourne

Senior Technical Recruiter

"Great sourcing/outreach resource for our lean recruiting team. It has also been helpful when our technical leadership was new to the org; we could utilize their networks for hiring."

Katie Bergin

Talent Acquisition Manager, Steady Health

"Dover has been a key sourcing channel for us and we have made several hires already. Without Dover we would have to rethink our entire sourcing strategy and likely would need to partner with a third party recruiter."

Katie Lent

Head of People, Weights & Biases

"Dover is great, has been really helpful in adding more volume to our pipeline and the candidate quality has been solid overall!"

Mark Pagel

Recruiter, Regal

"I rely heavily on Dover and the team for sourcing support and overall pipeline management."

Niketa Patel

Talent Lead, Pawp

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