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Happy customers

Alyssa Atkins

Founder, Lilia

“Getting the customized screening questions to ask each person was hugely valuable. Dover has taught me a lot about hiring."

Bernard Alvarado

Recruiter, Infinitus

"Our recruiting team has been spread really thin and Dover has acted as what feels like extra in-house recruiters. Regular communication makes the integrations of teams feel seamless."

David Atlas

Head of Operations, Scratch.fi

"Letting Dover handle our phone screens means that I can spend more time asking qualitative questions when I meet a candidate."

Grant Lee

Founder, Gamma

"Dover accelerated our process and we had peace of mind that we were being consistent and fine-tuning the type of candidate we needed over time."

Haley Fraser

Director of Marketing, Pixlee Turnto

"Dover made it easy to review candidates and move them along in the process. They also handled all of the initial screens which was a huge time save for our team."

Henrik Berggren

CEO, Steady Health

"Recruiting services like Triplebyte will find the first person for the job, but Dover finds the best person for the job."

Isaac Silverman

CEO, Daydream

"Dover's been an awesome sourcer for us, and accounts for a huge amount of our overall candidate volume. They're also easy to work with and responsive. Would recommend to anyone."

Jackie Wagner

Chief of Staff, Glue

"Dover's candidates match our profiles and there’s a deep understanding of our needs as a startup. Seriously, how do you exist?"

Kaivan Wadia

CTO, Coverforce

The way Dover handles candidate touchpoints and scheduling saves me a lot of time, especially as I manage all recruiting efforts and have no one to lean on to support with recruiting coordination."

Kara Moran

Marketing Manager, Steady Health

"Dover was instrumental in helping me hire in an organized way and in a quality/professional way during our screenings and search. Dover is also really awesome to work with. Fun, easy, great team."

Sofie Pechner

Chief of Staff, Mozart Data

“Working with Dover has meant we get support on all fronts, and from every angle of recruiting including sourcing, optimal channel usage, and interview best practices.”

Soroush Khodaii

Head of Growth, Invoice Simple

"Dover was incredibly flexible. It was refreshing to work with a company that understood the nuances of filling a niche role."