3 senior hires in 6 months

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Truework sets out to change the way personal information is shared during important high-impact life events like buying a home, leasing an apartment and getting a new job. Beginning with employment and income data, the platform secures sensitive identity information by providing details only when consumers give their explicit consent.

Devin Blase, VP of People, was used to scaling companies by the hundreds. Truework knew they had to bring her onto their team to help them organize around their aggressive headcount goals. And in an industry struggling with low unemployment levels and increased competition, she would need an all hands on deck approach — that’s where Dover stepped in.

Needing a tool that allowed for elasticity in headcount

Many smaller companies without someone involved to head up headcount planning struggle with creating a manageable workload for their recruiters: they either have too much work or not enough reqs. Hiring more recruiting or laying off her team was an unacceptable and unsustainable solution to meet these inevitable hurdles. 

Devin brought Dover on as another arm to her TA team — one that didn’t require a ton of onramp to get calibrated. With variable headcount, she can spin up roles that are out of bandwidth for her and her team, meaning they can hit their goals while keeping overhead low.

Any company that doesn’t have equal headcount every quarter (which is every single company) needs a solution like this.
devin blase

Devin Blase
VP of People, Truework

More iteration = consistent top-of-funnel = more hires

Although recruiting can be a tedious process with lots of moving parts, sometimes it simply comes down to volume: the number of interviews you hold is directly correlated with how many emails you send out or applications you receive from qualified candidates.

With Dover’s Managed Outbound, Devin’s team is able to send more emails and widen their net, resulting in more qualified and interested candidates.

And because Dover white-labels email outreach, recruiting teams are able to be thoughtful about their personal and employer brands at scale. In the app, Devin and her team can customize their outreach, and conduct A/B tests to nail the perfect pitch for the type of candidate they’re looking to hire.

Dover is the number one tool in building elasticity into your talent acquisition strategy. We use LinkedIn Jobs, BuiltIn, and an outsourced team, and when tracking top of funnel leads week over week, Dover is always top 3 when it comes to efficiency in getting those leads to an offer stage.
devin blase

Devin Blase
VP of People

Results: 3 senior hires in six months

Through Dover, Devin’s team hired two Account Executives and one Senior Software Engineer.

As she looks to the future, she is excited to continue building an HR ecosystem that will serve them now and as a 1000 person company. That may not be too far off — they just announced their Series C!

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