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Section4 hired nearly 20 people across product, marketing, design and creative in just 6 months.

Section4 is a fast-growing startup with a mission of democratizing business education -- it’s where professionals can access high-quality content and networks that help drive value for their companies. Section4 worked with Dover to build out a team during a period of significant growth, and there are no signs of slowing down ahead: the company grew from 20 to over 100 people this year.

Greg Shove, the CEO of Section4, came to Dover because he needed to move quickly while also maintaining a high quality bar for his foundational hires. Rather than work with an agency on a contingency basis, he preferred to leverage Dover’s software platform, citing Dover’s model and offering as “simple and aligned to the customer.” Dover’s calibration process, benchmark reporting, and scalability were critical value-adds for Section4’s growth goals, as well.

“We hired 90+ people -- it was simply not possible to hit our hiring goals without Dover.”

Greg Shove
CEO, Section4

Key #1: Dover builds your talent foundation from the ground-up

When Section4 ramped up hiring, they knew they needed to bring in new people across every department of the company -- without a dedicated recruiting function in place yet.

Greg Shove, Section4’s CEO, describes the company’s experience of growing demand: “We couldn’t slow down. Product-market fit was accelerating, so we didn’t have time to put in a recruiter or HR generalist in place. We used Dover to kickstart and accelerate these processes quickly.”

After Dover was in play, the team brought on recruiters, who were able to hit the ground running by using Dover to amplify their efforts. Because Dover was reaching out to candidates automatically, they were able to hire a large number of roles during a period of rapid growth. 

Key #2: Product integrations significantly decrease time-to-hire

As is the case with many early-stage companies who use Dover, Section4 was able to get the ball rolling immediately: the product manages all your candidate channels -- outbound, inbound, and referrals -- and surfaces them where you work. Each hiring manager reviews candidates directly in Slack, which then feeds a calibration process. Having the ability to review and calibrate candidates and align on expectations “early and often” was key to the company’s success in hiring.

Greg describes his experience with Dover’s integrations across Lever and Slack: “The integrations with tools we already use, like Slack, are nimble which makes the hiring process frictionless."

“The integrations with tools we already use, like Slack, are nimble which makes the hiring process frictionless."

Greg Shove
CEO, Section4

Key #3: Data and benchmarks drive accountability  

Dover’s data-driven approach helped the team move quickly. Given the product’s ability to benchmark interest and conversion rates through the hiring funnel against other positions, the team was able to hold themselves accountable to the hiring process. The company always had a sense of time-to-hire to close key positions when working with Dover.

In doing so, they were able to move at a very fast pace, and close key hires for the company. The metrics-driven approach was one of the key draws for Greg and the recruiting team as they were building out the early recruiting foundation, because they needed to quickly forecast and get a sense of the talent pipeline.

Expanding Dover’s reach

Greg and the recruiting team described the way the product was able to cover additional hiring managers’ workflows as time went on: “The product works smoothly across multiple positions, making it easy to scale recruiting alongside our needs.”

Dover has worked with hiring managers and the recruiting team on Section4's Marketing, Product, Content, Creative, Design, Community and Enterprise Business teams. Given each hiring manager’s ability to ramp up on Dover independently, the company is in a good place to continue using the playbook they have developed over the past year: “We hired 90+ people -- it was simply not possible to hit our hiring goals without Dover.”

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