🎉 We launched our free ATS! Watch the demo. Check us out on Product Hunt.

🎉 We launched our free ATS! Watch the demo. Check us out on Product Hunt.



🎉 We launched our free ATS! Watch the demo. Check us out on Product Hunt.


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Regal.io empowers businesses to make branded calls and texts their competitive advantage. Put simply, they help sales teams reach the right customer at the right time with the right message to drive more revenue. 

In a hiring market inundated with increased competition, they needed an all-hands-on-deck approach to ensure they were recruiting folks aligned with their mission — that’s where Dover stepped in.

From skeptical → product champion

Devon Siegel, VP of People, joined regal.io as their 30th employee, building their recruiting arm from the ground floor. As the former VP of People at Reonomy—where she 5xed the team in 4 years—Regal knew they had to bring her on to help them scale.

Devon was hesitant to use Dover to automate something as important as personalization in candidate touchpoints (among other things), especially being part of a company whose mission is to make customer interactions more human. However, when she saw how thoughtful Dover’s autogenerated outreach is (and how the outreach resulted in more responses and hires) she was completely sold.

Key #1: Customizable touchpoints to fit into any talent team workflow.

One critical part of Devon’s strategy has been streamlining her recruiting team’s workflows through the Dover app. With two-way ATS integration, they have a consistently updated source of truth for all candidate communications. And with the ability to customize and automate every follow-up (even rejection emails), they’re able to lower their time-to-hire without sacrificing for a positive candidate experience.

Additionally, since Dover white-labels email outreach to candidates and allows A/B testing, the Regal team is able to be thoughtful about their employer and company brand.

“My job is to drive human connection and hire the right people. I loved that there was that similarity between Regal and Dover’s missions to drive human connection. Once I saw that we were making hires continuously, I was like, this is excellent. This is what you want to see from a tool that you invest in.”

Devon Siegel, VP of People

Key #2: Lowering time-to-hire by automating manual processes.

Recruiting can be a tedious process with lots of moving parts, and sometimes it simply comes down to volume: the number of interviews you hold is directly correlated with how many emails you send out or applications you receive.

With Dover’s Outbound Sourcing, Devon’s team automates finding and reaching out to qualified candidates, especially for roles they’ve hired in the past where they may not need as much calibration. From there, they simply approve or reject interested applicants directly in Slack. This continuous feedback loop means that over time, their searches continue to provide even higher quality talent without any adjustments on their part, making it easy to grow and scale a department quickly. 

Devon’s team also automates scheduling using Dover Candidate Management to save even more time in their hiring process. As a result, hiring managers can worry more about their day-to-day jobs and domains, and Devon’s recruiting team can focus on higher leverage tasks, like candidate nurture, and employer brand.

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