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The company

Prelay is a YC backed startup that provides ease of collaboration on the full sales cycle for vendors and buyers. With Prelay, customers can improve deal visibility, manage tasks at ease, close deals, and create alignment with stakeholders. 

They recently raised a pre-seed round from top investors including SV Angel, Y Combinator, Liquid 2, Jeff Queisser and Immand Akhund. 

The company's CEO is Gabriella DeFlorio, who comes from an HR & growth background. She was the 7th employee at Fountain running sales before moving on to Truework as their Growth Lead. She founded Prelay alongside CTO, Enoch Cheung.

Too much sourcing, not enough pitching   

Like most companies, Prelay came to Dover because they were spending too much time on sourcing. Their main goal in engaging Dover was to receive world-class sourcing support, so the team could spend their time on interacting with candidates and providing a stellar candidate experience–something Gabriella feels passionately about.

I like to use my sales background with recruiting. That's my key approach. I get to know the needs of each prospect and work to understand how the team, product, and company in general can fulfill those needs.

Gabriella DeFlorio
Founder, Prelay

Key #1: Selling the candidate

Prelay knew that doing their own sourcing was taking up too much time and headspace. They wanted to increase their pipeline and the amount of prospects they were able to chat with. Dover was able to help with that right away.

By taking the tedious work off of Gabriella’s hands, Dover enabled her to do what she does best: sell the candidate on Prelay’s mission and culture. Gabriella uses her strong sales background to pitch the candidate throughout the interview process, from first conversation to final offer.

Overall, I would say Dover saved us 10 hours a week. The flow made it easier. I didn’t have to do anything.

Gabriella DeFlorio
Founder, Prelay

Key #2: Knowing what you want (& don’t want)

For Prelay, more candidates in the pipeline from Dover meant the team was suddenly chatting with as many candidates as they wanted. Through those conversations, they were able to iterate on their calibration more and more - refining who would truly be the right fit for their Eng role.

Bringing people through the pipeline meant Prelay got to know more about what they needed, and what the market provided. As the process went on, Prelay became more efficient and effective in identifying the right talent.

Within just 72 days, Prelay was able to do phone screens with 50 interested candidates, reject 21, and move on with next round interviews for 29. As Prelay aligned more on what they were looking for, they kept their candidate process tight and organized, working with Dover to track candidates in Slack.

That was another reason we liked Dover… we were able to get updates about interested candidates right in Slack. It kept things organized for us.

Gabriella DeFlorio
Founder, Prelay


Prelay ultimately got their perfect eng candidate to sign an offer within two months of starting to work with Dover.

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