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Poised is AI-powered software that gives you real-time feedback on your executive presence in online meetings — a key tool to have in your arsenal in an increasingly remote-forward world. It flags filler words and keeps track of confidence and energy levels in meetings, giving you the self-awareness you need to best collaborate and communicate with your peers. The best part is, no one even knows you’re using it!

Poised allows professionals worldwide to have their own executive presence coach at the ready, providing recommendations for improvement and tracking progress with time. The founders of Poised, former product and engineering leaders from Amazon, Alexa, Glassdoor, and ASAPP, knew just how important executive presence and clear communication was to succeed in their roles and found a way to democratize that improvement together.

Over the last year, the Poised team has grown considerably - 3 to 10 folks across engineering, marketing, product, and other functions.

The founders heard about Dover through other founders in their network and needed support building out a budding recruiting function. They wanted to be sure they were doing everything they could to reach — and manage — the best candidates for their roles.

So, they reached out to the Dover team to start hiring a Machine Learning Engineer, a UX copywriter, and a Growth Marketer.

Key 1: Moving quickly to build a 0 to 1 recruiting function

When Charles Hua, the CEO of Poised, reached out to Dover, he, like many founders, needed to hire for key roles — yesterday.

Dover was able to help the Poised team target a higher volume of candidates using the 50+ markers of data it uses to determine whether or not a candidate is a “good fit” for a role (i.e. knowledge about when a candidate is more likely to start a job hunt and whether the companies they’ve worked at previously are in line with yours).

They achieved this by completing a quick and efficient onboarding process with their Dover team, allowing them to start speaking with candidates immediately.

“The onboarding was really smooth every time we started a new role - it felt guided and thorough so that we were set up for success when the search kicked off.”

The Dover calibration process helped the team calibrate what they were looking for in specific roles — and across the company — together. And, the use of Dover Interviewers (an arm of expert interviewers who have all averaged at least 1000 first-round phone screen interviews across several roles) allowed them to quickly screen people effectively.

“The calibration process — which involves deciding ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on several example candidates — helped us figure out what we wanted in a new member of the team.”

“The onboarding was really smooth every time we started a new role - it felt guided and thorough so that we were set up for success when the search kicked off.”

Charles Hua, CEO

Key 2: Taking an experimental and omnichannel approach to managing candidates

Charles and his team had built a thoughtful approach to recruiting before engaging with Dover. The team reached out to first and second-degree connections in their networks and had spun up an agency to help find candidates. They lacked a recruiting operations infrastructure that tied everything together, allowing them to cover their bases and move quickly.

Dover was able to set their roles up on their three main channels — outbound, or finding and engaging candidates, inbound, or posting on relevant job boards, and referrals, which allows you to plug in your team’s network into an automated outreach email flow. Doing so allowed the team to figure out what was working and what wasn’t, leading to quick optimizations along the way.

The Poised team also leveraged Dover’s email outreach experimentation tool — they A/B tested outreach copy to see which variant performed better in terms of reply and interest rates for their UX copywriter role. Their rapid testing allowed them to go from outreach to hire in less than a month (!).

Overall, Dover was able to streamline and report on several different workstreams, allowing the team to focus on ensuring a successful candidate experience: “Dover helped me devote time to what really matters — speaking with the highest quality candidates and sharing our culture with them.”

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