2 hires within 2 months

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The company

Pixlee is a user-generated content marketing platform that helps brands connect with their customers. One in four Americans interact with Pixlee-powered content before making an online purchase. Pixlee partners with 1,000+ brands including Old Navy, Puma, Airbnb, and Levi's.

Pixlee is 50 people and is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Toronto and New York. They are growing quickly and need to expand their software engineering team.

Three roles had been open for months, and the candidate pipeline wasn’t growing.

The co-founder and CTO of Pixlee, Jeff, reached out to Dover because they had three technical roles (senior devops, senior test engineer, integrations engineer) that they were hiring for aggressively. Pixlee had tried the traditional means of developing candidate pipeline without much success. They set up job ads and posted to the top job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn and AngelList. These channels delivered a strong volume of candidates, but the overall quality of candidates was not up to Pixlee’s high bar for software engineers.

The software engineering hiring market is incredibly competitive. The best talent is constantly courted by many companies, and Pixlee wanted to make sure they stood out.

Jeff cares deeply about building a great team and is willing to invest the time to do so. He was excited about connecting directly with candidates, but traditional channels weren’t bring great candidates in the door. After months of iterating with these channels, and exhausting their personal networks, the team knew that they had to try something different.

Jeff decided to partner with Dover to increase the quantity and quality of his candidate pipeline.

Dover started the relationship by closely calibrating with Pixlee on what they were looking for in an ideal candidate. During the first week, Dover and Jeff did three calls to align on what was going to make a candidate successful: experience, education, and skills. To make sure that Dover deeply understood what Pixlee was looking for, they shadowed their phone screens and looked at internal feedback on past candidates. Dover then melded those conversations and data to build a model of candidates that would be a good fit.

Rather than wait for candidates to apply to Pixlee, Dover took a proactive approach and reached out to candidates that would be a good fit. Dover did this by leveraging the Pixlee brand and Jeff’s personal brand to create a better candidate experience. Dover reached out to candidates with custom thoughtful content and introduced the qualified candidates to Pixlee.

Dover iterated on the searches with Pixlee as their needs evolved. Every week Dover sent a progress update and analysis highlighting strategies on how to engage strong candidates. With every interview Pixlee completed, they learned more about the exact type of candidate they were looking for. Dover incorporated Pixlee’s findings into their candidate engagement strategy to further hone in the search and deliver qualified candidates.

Result: Within a couple weeks, Pixlee was meeting strong candidates for on-site interviews.

Within a week from the kick off, Dover was engaging quality candidates on Pixlee’s behalf and setting up interviews. Dover engaged 75 new candidates for Pixlee weekly, which turned into an average of 8 new phone screens per week.

By the end of the first month of working with Dover, Pixlee extended its first offer for the role that they had tried for over 6 months to fill. Within 2 months, Pixlee made two hires.

After Pixlee reached its engineer hiring goals, Dover joined forces with the Pixlee sales team to work on two new roles.

Before Dover, we were doing one phone screen per week. Now we're doing up to four. Our account manager was diligent and always kept us on the same page. We really enjoy working with this team.

Co-founder and CTO, Pixlee

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