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SF Bay Area
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Series A

The company

Onera is a Series A startup building machine learning-powered solutions to help online retailers solve complex optimization problems in real-time. They work with the top retailers in the US like Kohl's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and are backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Founder Collective. Onera was founded by Sahil Gupta, an entrepreneur and management consultant turned investor at Bain Capital Ventures, and Srinath Sridhar, a skilled software engineer with experience from Google, Facebook, and BloomReach.

With a 20 person team all in the SF Bay Area, Onera was looking to hire stellar data and backend engineers to build infrastructure to power their big data system. As they ramped up their search with Dover's help, the Onera team realized that they needed a better process to handle the candidates they were being introduced to.

Busy hiring managers don't have time to manage the entire recruiting process

Like all of Dover's clients, Abhishek Das, VP of Engineering at Onera, needed help with finding strong candidates. However, Onera did not have a full-time talent team to help Abhishek manage the recruiting process. This made it especially difficult to manage scheduling requests, track interviews and feedback, and efficiently move candidates through the pipeline.

The Dover app made life without an ATS much easier. The Slack integration is phenomenal and established a quick candidate feedback process.

Abhishek Das
VP Engineering, Onera

Key #1: Dover scheduled initial screens and managed the entire candidate pipeline

Dover stepped in to take some tasks off Abhishek’s plate so he could focus on pitching and closing candidates.

In addition to Dover’s core offering of generating qualified and interested candidates through new outreach, the Dover team took an active role in scheduling initial phone screens and tracking feedback after each call to ensure that no candidate was falling through the cracks. Dover’s partnership manager had frequent check-in calls with Abhishek to run through active candidates and make sure that everyone had heard back with next steps.

Then, Dover went a step further and scheduled the second assessment screen for candidates to save Onera’s engineering team valuable time dealing with back-and-forths.

Key #2: Dover helped improve the interview process with best practices

I appreciated Dover’s contribution to our hiring process, including the advice they gave us on pitching candidates and optimizing our technical screens.

Abhishek Das
VP Engineering, Onera

Dover took a close look at Onera's interview process to identify inefficiencies and obstacles that might hold top candidates back from reaching the offer stage. Dover implemented an automated feedback loop following candidate interviews, whereby the Onera interviewer would immediately receive an email asking about next steps.

Dover also recommended that Abhishek's team shorten their technical interview process to 1 ninety-minute screen rather than 2 one-hour conversations, saving significant scheduling time and reducing the number of candidates that dropped out of the process at this stage.

Result: Dover improved the hiring manager experience by reducing the workload for Onera's team.

Dover removed the most tedious recruiting tasks from Onera's plate, and coached their technical team on best hiring strategies. With these solutions, Dover saved Onera's engineering leadership team considerable time and stress, and helped the team develop a repeatable hiring process.

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