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The company

Invoice2go is empowering small businesses by building an end-to-end platform that enables them to set up their online presence, manage their cash flow, and integrate with all of their tools. They are backed by Accel and Ribbit. In the last year, they saw $24 billion in invoicing going through their platform.

The CEO of Invoice2go, Mark Lenhard, has had a long career holding leadership roles at companies like PayPal and Adobe. At Invoice2go, Mark has assembled a world-class executive team including alums from Dropbox, Optimizely, Invision, Yahoo, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, and Visa. Mark and his team, including his VP of Go-To-Market Pranav Piyush, wanted to continue to build out a high-caliber team at a rapid clip.

Bandwidth constraints were blocking hiring

Invoice2go’s goal was to significantly increase their team size from 90 to 130 in the next year across all roles and departments ranging from Growth and Marketing to Engineering and even the Leadership team.In Q4’20, with only two recruiters based in Australia and no resources directed towards hiring in the US, the VP of Go-To-Market Pranav Piyush was in a tough spot.Pranav had previously worked at fast-growing companies like Dropbox and Magento and knew what it would take to scale Invoice2go in a similar way. He recognized that Invoice2go was going through hypergrowth on all fronts and couldn’t afford to take the time needed to build up a recruiting brand, team and process from scratch in a brand new geography.

With this in mind, he decided to use Dover to help achieve the ambitious hiring goals they had laid out.

We didn't have the bandwidth internally but needed to get going. We couldn't wait to build out the funnel or talent acquisition team.

Pranav Piyush
VP of Go-To-Market, Invoice2go

Key #1: Dover’s product handled sourcing and scheduling so the internal team could focus on closing

Since Invoice2go’s team was very bandwidth-limited, they had resorted to mostly using inbound channels and referrals.

Dover’s automated sourcing and scheduling product enabled their team to start reaching out to candidates at scale across all their open roles. Soon, they were having 25+ interviews per week with great candidates. In addition, Dover’s inbound management offering helped to highlight top candidates and swiftly get them on the calendar. Dover seamlessly integrated with Greenhouse, so Invoice2go didn’t have to change any of their existing processes.

Invoice2go also used Dover’s Interviewer offering to help fill in the gaps for certain roles to ensure that they were spending their time on qualified folks.

Key #2: Continuous calibration and feedback  through Slack

I used to have to click through hundreds of resumes to see good candidates. Dover’s calibration and workflow is amazing. It's a real slam dunk. Plus, the quality of candidates has been on point. Each time we provide feedback, it gets better and better.

Pranav Piyush
VP of Go-To-Market, Invoice2go

At Invoice2go, 12 different hiring managers leveraged Dover across Growth, Marketing, Engineering and also worked on a few high-priority searches with the CEO.

Candidates from all sources flowed into individual Slack channels, where the Invoice2go team could give a quick 👍 or 👎 to get the best candidates into the pipeline.

Dover’s algorithm continually incorporates feedback, and so Invoice2go’s hiring managers were able to calibrate continuously with Dover as they honed in on the candidate profile across various roles.

One of the most successful searches Invoice2go ran using Dover was for their Head of Biz Ops and Analytics. They started the search on November 19th, and an offer was made at the beginning of January. The first few candidates did not have enough experience to lead the team, but they were able to recalibrate with Dover and quickly make the hire. The early candidates are now interviewing for a separate senior manager role on the team.

Key #3: You can't scale hiring without data and benchmarks

The reporting and metrics have been great. For each role, we can see where people are at and forecast out. I sent this to the whole team. It gives us confidence that we're proactively taking the right steps.

Pranav Piyush
VP of Go-To-Market, Invoice2go

In order to achieve their ambitious hiring goals across multiple departments, Invoice2go needed to be data driven.

Dover integrated with Greenhouse to keep everything up to date. And, using Dover’s reporting feature, their team could track the number of active candidates and conversion through the entire funnel.In addition, Dover’s dashboards showed benchmark data by role, allowing Pranav to compare Invoice2go’s metrics against that of other Series C startups.

Using the data and benchmarks, the Invoice2go team was able to stay two steps ahead and make sure that they had the pipeline to make hires, fast.


In two months, Invoice2go made 8 hires across 8 different roles - Android Engineer, Email Marketing Manager, Head of BizOps & Analytics, Head of Content, Head of People Ops, Paid Social Manager, SEM Manager, and Senior Data Analyst.

The team is moving quickly on hiring top talent across the US and Australia and is continuing to leverage Dover across all their departments.

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