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Factor is a supplier and order management system for teams building high-tech hardware. Companies manufacturing complex devices use Factor to quickly and easily manage, order, and pay for their parts. Using the analytics and automation provided by Factor's platform, their customers have already reduced product launch timelines and resource usage by 30%. 

After Factor’s seed round, the team moved to bring additional engineers on board. As a result, they needed to build a robust and high-quality candidate experience themselves -- and quickly.

Going 0 to 1: Recruiting Edition

Factor built their recruiting foundations with Dover by automating and systematizing the processes they previously pieced together manually such as candidate calibration, pipeline management, and scheduling.

When the team was less burdened by operational overhead and could invest in a comprehensive recruiting strategy they could manage themselves, they were able to bring the time from initial outreach to onsite interview to just 20 days.

Here are two key ways they were able to be successful:

Key #1: Automating recruiting to save time

Prior to using Dover, Factor CTO Christopher Weber spent tons of time and energy searching potential candidates on LinkedIn, emailing them with personalized messages, and without an ATS, manually building and tracking candidate pipelines.

Dover gave Christopher his time back while also giving him control of his hiring plan for engineers: with candidate calibration, they were able to refine their search as it progressed. With automated outreach, hiring managers knew that no candidate slipped through the cracks. By building a recruiting experience that moved quickly, the Factor team could spend more time with candidates and were able to hire each engineer they made an offer to - no small feat.

We initially used Dover to help with sourcing and candidate outreach -- it’s rare to find software that does both well. But pairing that with automated scheduling meant we could optimize that and the bottom-funnel candidate experience, which was game-changing.”

Christopher Weber
CTO, Factor

Key #2:  Running A/B tests with Dover (like a really good engineering team would)

With Dover providing direct instant and up-to-date benchmarking on the success of their hiring funnels, Chris felt equipped to run a couple experiments himself. He was able to mitigate drop-off after the take-home assessment by switching instead to a live interview where candidates presented a project they were proud of. He felt this was a great opportunity to design a process to gauge technical understanding that was less about specific languages and “stumping” a candidate and more about their thought processes and understanding of the fundamentals.

Additionally, the Factor team was able to A/B test their candidate outreach through Dover, which doubled the rate of interested candidates that entered their pipeline. Rather than using anecdotal evidence, Factor used real data provided by Dover to prove which outreach strategies worked best.

At a startup, it’s important to use things that help you and your team improve exponentially. The tracking and A/B testing functionalities allow us to treat our hiring the way we would everything else."

Christopher Weber
CTO, Factor


The Factor team was able to build a self-serve recruiting infrastructure that helped accelerate their recruiting process. Factor advanced candidates to an onsite in less than three weeks and were able to hire 2 engineers within 90 days.

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