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hired 2 software engineers

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Series B

The company

Culture is a bioreactor lab, in the cloud. They power the research behind everything from plant-based meats to biotherapeutics, like an AWS for scientists. They recently raised a $80M Series B to expand their cloud bioreactor lab and digitize biomanufacturing.

The software engineering team is growing quickly and they have some complex challenges beyond scaling a web service -- like building models for biological processes and operating mission-critical software within bioreactors. Culture also puts a high emphasis on finding the right culture fit for their teams and on diversity and inclusion.

Culture needed to hire a senior fullstack engineer who was interested in bringing bioprocessing interfaces into the 21st century. The right candidate would also align with their key values of kindness and empathy over intellect and strong opinions.

Dover took a two-pronged approach to help Culture make this hire, using data to understand the hiring market and improving Culture’s employer brand to attract the right candidates.

Key 1: Dover used data to help Culture understand the hiring market

Dover’s data-driven approach helped Culture’s Software Engineering Manager, Satshabad Khalsa, understand how Culture’s brand resonated in the marketplace relative to peers. Dover also helped him understand how adjustments to his recruiting process would get Culture to a hire more quickly. In addition, Dover’s experienced team partnered with Satshabad to brainstorm how to attract the types of candidates Culture wanted to hire. 

I am new to the hiring game. Being able to brainstorm with an Engagement Manager at Dover and get their good ideas has been extremely helpful.

Satshabad Khalsa
Eng Manager, Culture

Key 2: Dover helped Culture improve their employer brand

Dover then worked with Culture to revamp outreach messaging, which improved the response rate of interested candidates. Taking Dover’s advice, Culture optimized their careers page, and started to share their unique culture on more targeted talent sites, like With Dover’s understanding of the market and recruiting best practices, Culture was able to better sell their message of an inclusive environment to diverse candidates in a crowded field.

With Dover’s help, we were able to put more emphasis on marketing towards software engineers so they want to come work at Culture.

Satshabad Khalsa
Eng Manager, Culture

Result: Culture hired 2 software engineers

Through these efforts with Dover, Culture hired 2 engineers that embodied their key values. More importantly, through close collaboration with Dover’s experienced team, Culture reframed their understanding of what would attract the type of talent they look to hire.

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