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Drones, Robotics, Warehousing


San Francisco, CA

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Corvus Robotics: Niche industry experience hired in 3 weeks

Corvus Robotics is a venture-backed enterprise/government robotics company making the world's first unmanned warehouse inventory drones. The autonomous drones scan pallet labels on racks, without any humans involved.

They’ve raised $8M from Y Combinator (S18), S2G Ventures, and Spero VC (cofounder of Tesla).

The company was founded by Jackie Wu in 2017. He has a Masters Degree in Robotics from Northwestern, with a focus on UAV controls, computer vision, and deep learning for object detection.

Tired of agencies falling short on the right experience and wasting founder time in the process

Jackie had struggled to fill Corvus’ industry-specific roles in the past. He’d partnered with over a dozen different recruiting agencies. “Only the top 1 or 2 were any good” he recalled, expressing that most just tried to force their predefined lists of ‘qualified’ candidates on his team in a ‘you could give them a chance’ kind of way.

The result: roles open for months, countless hours of founder time still spent sourcing, and lack of a clear path forward — it was time for a change.

Jackie had used Dover for other hardware engineering and robotics roles with great success. So instead of turning to pricey agencies to place his new Marketing Director, Jackie turned to Dover. He needed a candidate with experience working in warehouse robotics marketing and cautiously hoped Dover could help him identify talent with experience at this unique intersection.

“In the first week, Dover found someone that looked ideal on paper. She’s starting next week”.

Jackie Wu, Founder and CEO

Hired talent with niche industry + functional experience using Dover in 3 short weeks

After a couple minutes defining his search criteria in-app, Dover wrote Jackie’s outreach messaging for him and started intelligently sourcing candidates. Once interested candidates arrived they were surfaced to him right where he spends most of his time - in Slack.

The shift to using Dover reduced founder’s time sourcing by over 90% and Corvus Robotics has repeatedly closed the niche robotics roles they were struggling to fill.

Jackie filled his Marketing Director role in only 3 weeks (1 week to source, 2 weeks to interview and hire).

Jackie says using Dover has been the “single best choice” at Corvus Robotics.

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