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4 hires in < 5 months

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Archive is on a mission to enable brands to own their resale and build out their own resale programs. The ultimate goal? Sustainability. Emily Gittins and Ryan Rowe, co-founders, launched Archive in January 2021 to not only decrease the amount of clothing that finds its way into landfills, but also to power the next generation of resale that puts the brands in charge.

Buoyed by $8 million in new funding in early 2022, the Archive team was ready to scale. However, as many early-stage startups quickly learn — just because you post your job openings on LinkedIn doesn’t mean the people will come. It takes time to build up a reputation and employer brand, but Ryan and Emily didn’t have that yet. They needed to quickly fill their top of funnel, and there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to source, email and nurture great talent while tending to their other responsibilities. 

They wanted a flexible solution they could scale even after they hired their first recruiter — Eric Fruchtbaum — who chatted with us about how Dover has been critical to their team’s hiring success.

It’s been such a great experience — the amount/quality of candidates that come from Dover vs. other sources is just night and day.
Eric Fruchtbaum, Senior recruiter at Archive Resale

Eric Fruchtbaum
Lead Recruiter

Key 1: Increasing the volume of high quality candidates in their top of funnel = more diversity in their pipeline.

Eric knew top tech candidates receive dozens of recruiting messages and emails daily. In order to stand out, Archive’s outreach would need to be highly personalized in order to attract responses. He was in luck: Dover’s platform sends highly personalized outbound outreach at scale, resulting in 20-30% more interested candidates for each search. 

As they widened their net, they were able to find candidates with less traditional backgrounds, increasing the diversity of prior experiences on their team. 

In addition to showing you candidates that are great fits, Dover also presents you with those that wouldn't traditionally catch your eye on LinkedIn or wouldn’t have come through a boolean search. Those types of candidates are hard to come across, and as a result, you end up hiring more diverse talent with their own unique backgrounds.
Eric Fruchtbaum, Senior recruiter at Archive Resale

Eric Fruchtbaum
Lead Recruiter

Additionally, Eric can approve or reject candidates directly in Slack (or the app), providing a continuous feedback loop to his search. If he rejects a candidate for a particular reason, the Dover Brain takes note and won’t send him candidates with those qualities anymore.

Key 2: Leveraging A/B testing and detailed data to refine their pitch.

In the app, Eric can customize the copy, track open/response and interested rates, and conduct A/B tests to nail the perfect pitch for any persona. And because Dover white-labels email outreach, he can be thoughtful about Archive’s company and employer brand at scale.

dover response rate view

Key 3: Continuous product updates and a dedicated support team.

Eric joined Archive after they’d already been using Dover for a bit. One of the keys to his success was the dedicated support he received from his customer experience team. Not only were they helpful in getting him up to speed, but they were super receptive to his feedback and suggestions for improvement.

No company I've ever worked with has been so receptive to new ideas and is also able to create features as quickly as you do. I think that's incredibly helpful.
Eric Fruchtbaum, Senior recruiter at Archive Resale

Eric Fruchtbaum
Lead Recruiter

Results: 4 hires in < 5 months

By working closely with Eric and Archive’s team, Dover quickly helped them fill their top of funnel with quality candidates. Within 5 months, they made 4 eng hires (3 of them in senior positions!) and plan to continue to grow through the coming year.

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