Mattie Joyner


Oct 1, 2020

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New York, NY

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About me

For the last six years, I have built a career that has spanned across customer service, sales, tech, and HR. The throughline here has always been "connection." I began at Dover in October 2020 as the second hire to the Interview Specialist team, and was promoted to Senior Interview Specialist / Team Lead in April 2021. I pride myself on being able to create meaningful conversations with candidates, and an interview environment that feels calm, safe, and stress-free.

About me

What I love about interviewing

Never in my professional career or adult life have I experienced a team camaraderie like I have here at Dover on the Interviewer Team. It's a very special bond, and I think we all try to take on the energy that we have on the team and apply it to the interviews that we do for Dover's customers.