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Julia Wolcott


Jul 29, 2021

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New York City, NY

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About me

Julia is a New York-based performer and interviewer. A graduate of the Juilliard School, Penn State, and Boston University, she has strong editing, active listening, and communication skills. She enjoys collaborating with hiring managers and moderating insightful conversations with candidates. Outside of Dover, Julia can be found cooking, traveling, and reading.

About me

What I love about interviewing

I love being part of a company’s journey to finding the right candidate! I’m passionate about making interviews a positive experience for both the candidates and the hiring company.

Candidate testimonial

"Julia is an excellent person to have a first conversation with. She came across knowledgeable, genuine and friendly. She was insightful and easy to speak with. She was also very clear with the hiring process and what any potential next steps would be. If she’s the first “reflection” of the company, it’s absolutely a place I’d like to explore being a part of."