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Dominik Belavy


Apr 1, 2022

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New York, NY

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About me

Dominik Belavy is a New York-based performer and educator. A graduate of The Juilliard School, Dominik enjoys performing a wide variety of musics. He especially loves performing the bookends of the spectrum—the newest and the oldest music he can find. Dominik has also taught in public schools as both a music and general education teacher. Outside of the stage and classroom, Dominik fills his time with bike riding, listening to music from the 80’s (1780’s and 1980’s) and hunting down clothing from up-and-coming designers.

About me

What I love about interviewing

Getting to converse with people from such disparate backgrounds!

Candidate testimonial

"Dominik was very cordial and professional. He took the time to not only understand my qualifications for the role, but also detail for me the benefits of working at the company."