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Justine Galbraith


May 1, 2022

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Orange Park, FL

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About me

Justine's passion for people and unique background have shaped her approach to work as an interviewer. With diverse experience in customer service, administrative and technical roles, Justine has a broad skill set that makes her excel at interviewing. Outside of work, she loves volunteering at her children's school and engaging with people from different backgrounds. As an interviewer, she finds it rewarding to help people share their stories and experiences, making a positive impact on their lives and shaping the future of organizations and industries.

About me

What I love about interviewing

Justine thinks that the best thing about the Dover Interviewers is that they are a fantastic group of fun, talented, and supportive teammates. She believes that it's amazing to be part of such a great team where everyone shares ideas and inspires one another. According to her, the camaraderie and teamwork feel more like being part of a family than just a group of coworkers. Justine feels lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing crew!

Candidate testimonial

"Enjoyed the conversation with Justine. Polite, informative, with a good sense of wit and supportive nature. Very positive impression overall."