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I've been pretty vocal about Dover being one of my favorite platforms I've used in the past decade— not just for sourcing, screening, and hiring… but in general. I'd love the opportunity to be connected with other entrepreneurs using Dover, and to continue evangelizing it along the way.
Aaron Levin
Head of Engineering, Fiveable

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What’s the cost to join?


It’s totally free to join The Venture Hiring Network. All members are required to submit an application to confirm their eligibility.

Who is eligible to join?


Founders, business executives, and technology leaders at Seed and Series A stage companies with at least $2M in funding.

Right now, we’re keeping the community focused on companies at similar stages of growth to ensure content is ultra relevant. We may expand to serve other groups in the future.

How much time should I expect to spend here?


As much as you’d like. You can pose questions to the community, answer questions based on your experience, participate in surveys, and get first access to content and other perks.

What if I’m not hiring right now?


Still participate! The Venture Hiring Community is for leaders who care about building the best teams, not just those who are actively hiring.

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