The Three Types of Recruiting
1. Inbound

Inbound recruiting is creating job postings for your open roles and screening the candidates that apply. You can drive traffic to your job posts with marketing efforts like blog posts.

Inbound is a must have component of your arsenal, but tends to have low signal-to-noise, since many candidates that apply won't meet your criteria.

  • Easy to set up
  • Low ongoing effort
  • Motivated candidates
  • Many unqualified leads
  • Less predictable time-to-hire

Best for low priority roles.

2. Referrals

Referral or in-network hiring is leveraging your network and your team's network to find candidates.

This is often the best way to build your early team, but it's harder to do at scale and for more specialty roles.

Check out our blog post about referral hiring.

  • High-signal candidates
  • Difficult at scale
  • Difficult for specialty roles

Best for your first few hires.

3. Outbound

Outbound recruiting is proactively reaching out to qualified people about your job opportunity and convincing them to join.

Dover takes all the headache out of outbound recruiting. We reach out to candidates you actually want to talk to.

  • Control over quantity and quality
  • Very time consuming (without Dover)
  • Expensive (without Dover)

Best for specialty roles or hiring fast.

Check us out

Without Dover

Separate tools for everything is an inefficient use of your time.

Do you read through tons of candidate profiles via LinkedIn, AngelList, Github, Twitter, etc?

Often hunt for emails, since messaging through a platform can be ineffective?

Outsourcing means candidate quality suffers.

With Dover

Setting Dover up takes 10 minutes. Then, you'll talk to 2-5 qualified, interested candidates per week.


Describe your perfect candidate.


Dover will help you craft a pitch to tell candidates how your position stands out.


Dover automatically curates a list of candidates for you to reach out to, with a highly personalized email pre-written for each candidate.


With one click, you can email the candidate and schedule an interview.

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