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Your Mileage May Vary

Every Customer should be aware that hiring involves a high degree of variability. Whether hiring is done through Dover or not, there can be no assurance that a hiring team can (i) achieve its hiring goals, (ii) meet its hiring timeline, or (iii) maintain its target talent acquisition cost. The following considerations, among others, should be considered when using Dover’s platform and/or service(s) to make hires.

A limited number of available candidates in the market could increase the difficulty of hiring

Finding a candidate to hire can be harder when there is a limited number of available candidates in the market. The Hiring Team will have fewer candidates to select from, and, in some market conditions, candidates will be in higher demand, making them harder to close.

An excess number of available jobs in the market could increase the difficulty of hiring

Candidates might be harder to close when they have multiple job options to select from. Factors such as, but not limited to, compensation and job mandate can influence a candidate’s decision. Having more jobs available in the market provides top candidates with more negotiating power and can increase the difficulty of attracting and closing a candidate.

Customer’s hiring success is influenced by the employer’s brand

Customer’s employer’s brand plays a role in attracting candidates. Company size, funding, press, publicly available metrics, and other employer’s brand collateral can attract or detract potential candidates. Dover can work with the Customer to identify ways to best position the Customer and Customer’s jobs to candidates. However, Dover does not have control over candidates’ impression of the Customer and the candidates’ motivation to join the Customer’s company.

Having a streamlined hiring process can increase the odds of having a great hiring outcome