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Growing your startup with the software 400+ businesses trust doesn’t get any better — or more affordable — than this.

Why join a Recruiting Bootcamp?

Agencies are too expensive, and often provide lackluster results.
Using a staffing agency comes with, on average, a 15% to 25% annual salary fee. Our pricing includes all the benefits of an agency at less than two-thirds the price: process management, scheduling, candidate communication, and sourcing.
Making a first-of hire is hard.
Your dedicated team will track candidates, hone in on search criteria, and measure your progress so you’re getting the best ROI from every channel. We'll also handle your scheduling from interview to offer, and run your first-round phone screens.
Most startups aren't well-versed in current recruitment marketing best practices.
Your team will help you write well-crafted and compelling job descriptions, ghostwrite blogs for your founders and the early team as employer branding, and test different outreach copy to increase response rates. They'll also audit your website and provide copy and design suggestions to make it more appealing to candidates.
There's a million resources on recruiting, but little tactical advice.
Hiring is hard, and more nuanced than what can be covered in a blog post. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and will work closely with your team to ensure that we find the right candidate for your team and needs.
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We couldn’t slow down. Product-market fit was accelerating, so we didn’t have time to put in a recruiter or HR generalist in place. We used Dover to kickstart and accelerate these processes quickly.
Founder/CEO, Section4

See what others have said:

“We tried virtually every other source before Dover — it was the only platform that provided us with candidates of the right caliber, years of experience and overlapping skillset. In fact, the first person we spoke to ended up being the person we hired.”
irfan alam headshot
Founder, Frontrow Health
"Throughout our collaboration, Dover’s weekly updates and success metrics helped us closely monitor progress.We appreciated how quickly the product worked in our feedback to refine candidate sourcing."
Founder, Pixlee

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"As a founder, I'm balancing tens of things at a given time and it was a relief to hand off sourcing candidates to Dover. They ramped up instantly and helped steer us to great candidates for our React Native roles."
Founder, Invoice Simple
"Dover offered quick, reasonably priced results. I could quantify the impact in terms of my time. Plus, the other options were absurdly expensive."
Founder, Nuvocargo

Access to free tools

  • Sourcing

  • Dover ATS

  • Email and Slack integrations

  • Comprehensive reporting and metrics

  • Integrate with Indeed, LinkedIn and over 100+ Job Boards

+ dedicated specialists

  • Dedicated recruiting consultants

  • First round phone screens

  • Interview scheduling

  • Strategy and process planning

for the price of:
$10K / 3 months
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