Source the right people at the right time

Supercharge any part of your process and get deep funnel insights to reduce dropoff. Nurture passive candidates to hit your hiring plan every quarter.

Dover's data and reporting allows you to track deep pipeline and candidate metrics
Dover allows you to toggle on and off features for any role, so you can flex as your hiring needs evolve.

Improve sourcing effectiveness

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Dover integrations

Trustworthy integration with your tech stack

With two-way ATS integration, you have a consistently updated source of truth for all candidate communications.

Plus, interested candidates are sent directly to you in Slack, so you can approve or reject them where you're already working.

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Easily track diversity and hiring goals

Surface every candidate touchpoint across Dover and your ATS to uncover deep funnel insights, and  quickly audit your hiring goals to ensure that you're on track, and leading an equitable sourcing process that targets a diverse set of candidates.

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"In addition to showing you candidates that are great fits, Dover also presents you with those that wouldn't traditionally catch your eye. Those types of candidates are hard to come across, and as a result, you end up hiring more diverse talent with their own unique backgrounds."
Eric Fruchtbaum
Lead Recruiter, Archive Resale
"As the sole recruiter on the team [at the time], I was really excited that Dover took the sourcing piece off my plate so I could focus on speaking to great candidates. Dover integrates with our Slack and our ATS, so communicating with them was really easy."
Nick Bruno
Senior Director of Recruiting, Forge Global

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