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Sirid Birnath, Recruiting Consultant

Sirid Biernath
Customer Experience Partner

Advance candidates from initial call to final interview round in under two weeks

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Ryan Raven, Recruiting Consultant

Ryan Raven
Customer Experience Partner

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Jared Hetherington
Customer Experience Partner

Put your best foot forward

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“Dover has been an invaluable part of getting our process to where it is today and we couldn’t have done it without you. You massively exceeded my expectations on the impact that someone with a less than full time commitment could have on the team. It’s really raised my baseline for what can be accomplished.”
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Anton Vaynshtok
‍Founder, Census

Kolleen McNalis
Customer Experience Partner

Fully embedded within your team

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Tyler Jensen
Customer Experience Partner


Missy Fox
Customer Experience Partner


Brittany Nickell
Director of Customer Experience

How it works:


We work with you to understand your hiring needs and goals for the length of your contract.


We design a recruiting strategy by leveraging best-in-class recruiting methods and data from our work with 200+ companies.


We deliver an excellent candidate experience from first contact to hire.


We’re available as support and a sounding board for your hiring team throughout every step of the process.

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