Flexible enough to fit your company’s hiring needs from seed to IPO.

Flexible talent acquisition adapts to your company’s unique needs. Dover is built with this in mind, helping you integrate, resource, and delegate tasks across every stage of the funnel to build deep and high-quality pipelines, and ensure your team makes great hires faster.

Get all the actions your team is doing under one roof —
less clicks = lower time-to-hire.



Dover handles job promotion and advertising across the most popular job boards. Plus, you don’t have to sift through dozens of resumes: our system evaluates prospective candidates on 50+ data points so we can find qualified candidates who are the best possible fits and surfaces them to you directly in Slack.


Forecasting: See how many candidates each board will produce based on our data, so you can intelligently promote your job openings.


Budget management: You won’t pay any additional fee for Dover to set up, disable and maintain job postings on your behalf, including re-posting every 30 days, leading to fresh eyes from high-intent candidates.


After 5 minutes of calibration and setup, Dover identifies and reaches out to 100+ candidate matches each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you. Our algorithm adjusts based on who you advance and who you reject, zeroing in on your perfect candidate the more you use the app.


Upload your connections directly into the app and automatically find candidates who are a good match for any of the roles you’re hiring for. You can also flag candidates you don’t want us to reach out to with the click of a button.

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ATS integration

Dover has an official partnership and two-way API integration with your ATS, so you have one source of truth for all candidate interactions.

In-app hiring plan

Use the hiring plan tool to track hiring needs and timelines for your company on a year-long or longer timespan. The plan prompts alerts, forecasts, and strategic suggestions so you're never behind again.


See how roles stack up to yours in terms of interest and response rate, so you can pinpoint where your recruiting process needs adjustment.

Careers Page

Don’t have a place to post all your open jobs? Too early for an ATS? Dover can help you set up a beautiful Careers page within minutes to link to your website. (Check out a live example!)

Job Description Writer

Automatically generate job postings you can add to your careers page or inbound postings in <1 minute.

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Dover's candidate management features have proven to be more effective than traditional recruiting services: candidates are nearly 40% more likely to convert to an offer.

Dover Interviewer

To date, Dover has conducted more than 7,000 first-round phone screens, saving hiring managers 60 to 80 hours per hire. We make sure to interview every candidate you approve and only pass those along who would be a perfect fit.

End-to-end scheduling

Dover schedules all parts of your interview process, saving your team the logistical nightmare of calendar Tetris. Plus, the added efficiency and focus on candidate experience increases the probability of making a hire
< 90 days by 30%.

Dedicated customer experience

Along with our app, you have a dedicated customer experience rep as your righthand in recruiting strategy, channel optimization, and maintaining a pipeline.

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How it works:

10 steps to crushing your hiring goals


Input your ideal candidate profile (YOE, Industry, common titles, example profiles, etc)


Get an automatically written unique JD


Post that JD to your careers page and over 100 job boards


Initiate automated passive candidate sourcing


Find candidates on your own and add them through the sourcing extension


Approve interested candidates right in slack


Automatically schedule candidates for phone screens (choose who you want to do those phone screens)


Get alerted when the phone screen is complete right in slack


Move candidate to the next stages


Use dover’s automated scheduling + RC support to make sure no candidates get dropped


Crush your hiring goals!

Ready to take your company growth to the next level?