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Dover's ATS and CRM help you to manage candidate touchpoints and ensure a great candidate experience.

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Step 1: Create your job post
Once you write or auto-generate a job posting, Dover can automatically advertise your job.
Step 2: Reach top candidates who match your criteria
Dover only invites candidates who match your search criteria to apply, including those who might not be actively looking.
Step 3: Review your matches
As candidates apply, you can approve or reject them directly in the app. The algorithm takes your responses into account and automatically adjusts your search so you can zero in on the perfect fit.

Forget boolean search — our matching technology finds candidates with the right skills and experience for your role and actively invites them to apply.

Compare Dover to the cost of traditional job boards

Traditional Job Boards
$160 = 2 potential candidates
  • Pay $40 a day to post your open role

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  • Receive 50 applications at the end of a week

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  • Find 2-3 qualified candidates you'd like to move forward

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  • $160 total
    for 2 possible fits on average
$160 = 4 qualified candidates
  • Set up a role on Dover for free

  • Dover advertises your job to candidates matching your criteria and invites them to apply

  • Dover surfaces candidates who express interest and fit your requirements

$160 total
for 4 best fit candidates
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We tried virtually every other source before Dover — it was the only platform that provided us with candidates of the right caliber, years of experience and overlapping skillset. In fact, the first person we spoke to ended up being the person we hired.
irfan alam headshot
Irfan Alam
Founder, Frontrow Health
We have a phenomenal in-house recruiting team who sees Dover as an additive secret weapon of sorts."
Eric Martin
Head of Sales, Vanta

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