Robson Cramer

Robson is a Canadian who recently moved to the US and is enjoying all that the states have to offer. He has worked with more than 50 companies at various stages of funding, ranging from Series A to Series C. His expertise spans across numerous industries, such as Healthcare, EdTech, FinTech, Data & Analytics, Security, DevTools, AI, CPG, ECommerce, and Clean Tech, among others.

Since joining Dover, Robson has helped his clients make over 500 hires, with an average time to hire of 60 days. He has experience in recruiting for various roles, including Engineering, Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, and more, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the hiring process.

Before joining Dover, Robson had already established himself as a successful recruiter, providing tailored recruitment solutions to various companies. He is dedicated to building strong relationships with both his clients and candidates, ensuring that he understands their needs and requirements.

Outside of work, Robson enjoys exploring new places and immersing himself in new experiences, which he brings to his work as a recruiter. As a Canadian who recently moved to the US, he is excited to be living in a new country and discovering all that it has to offer. Robson's vast experience and passion for his job make him an asset to any company looking to build a strong team.

Average 60 days to hire

Worked with 50+ Series A, Series B, and Series C startups

Facilitated 500+ hires at Dover, including roles in engineering, product, design, sales, marketing, customer success/support, finance, and operations

Robson was instrumental in helping me hire in an organized way and in a quality/professional way. Robson is also really awesome to work with.

Once Robson helped us stand up our recruiting playbook, it was very easy to scale. Robson also gave us so many good people in a week I had to tell him to hold off.