The All-in-One Recruiting Platform

The all-in-one workflow automation platform that enables you and your team to deliver a consistently high standard recruiting experience
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Infrastructure Suite

A single tool for all of your recruiting needs - ATS + CRM  + Smart Defaults
Dover has everything you need to track candidates from the very first touchpoint all the way through to when they accept your offer.

Create and post jobs across hundreds of job boards, review applicants, visualize your entire pipeline, take interview notes, and get notified when candidates need next steps.

If you already have an ATS like Lever, Greenhouse, or Ashby, Dover will seamlessly sync all candidate data bidirectionally. Use any ATS you like, and everything stays up to date.
Dover’s sourcing extension lets you easily source candidates from anywhere on the web in one click.
Our robust reporting gives you a perfect view of your team’s recruiting performance so you can keep everyone accountable, and lets you easily benchmark against other companies so you always know how you’re doing.
Smart Defaults
Dover combines our repository of recruiting data with sophisticated machine learning to help you quickly draft awesome job descriptions, perfect interview questions, and compelling candidate communications.

With Dover, recruiting best practices are built in by default.

Sourcing Suite

Get top talent into your pipeline - Search strategies + Dover Outbound + Dover Inbound + Dover Brain
Search Strategies
Dover lets you easily calibrate your search criteria to hone in on the exact types of people you’re looking for. Dover’s extensive market data tells you how many people exist in the world that match your criteria, so you can take a rigorous approach to your sourcing.
Dover Outbound
Reach out to hundreds of candidates a week with one click, without compromising on candidate experience.

Just calibrate your search, and Dover will find the best matching candidate profiles and their contact info––and even draft highly personalized messages to each one. All you have to do is click “Go”.
Dover Inbound
Dover’s job board management system helps you track budget across your job boards, and continuously monitors your job board performance so you can maximize your ROI.
Dover automatically triages the best job applicants to the top of your list based on your search criteria, so you never miss a promising candidate in a sea of applicants.
Dover Brain
The Dover Brain monitors your candidate rejection reasons, active pipeline, and remaining candidate depth to proactively suggest adjustments to your search strategies—so that you always hit your hiring goals on time.

Candidate Management Suite

Create an incredible candidate experience - Scheduling + Candidate Experience Monitoring
Dover’s scheduling tool is the easiest and fastest way to ensure candidates never slip through the cracks and always have a personalized candidate experience.
Dover integrates with your entire team’s calendars to make scheduling interviews a breeze. Simply set up your interview stages and scheduling email templates, and Dover’s workflow automation ensures every candidate gets timely touchpoints.
Candidate Experience Monitoring
Dover’s native candidate experience monitoring proactively alerts you when candidates get stuck at a stage in your process, preventing any negative candidate experience before it happens.
Guest Seats
for business stakeholders and interview panelists
per User seat
for recruiters and hiring managers
1 seat minimum
per Admin seat
for Heads of Talent or Founder
1 seat minimum
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Get support every step of the way
Dover Interviewer
Dedicated, expert interviewer to conduct first round phone screens
Dover Concierge
  • Designed to give hiring managers a more bespoke and high-touch experience using Dover
  • Weekly pipeline review
  • Weekly sourcing feedback meeting
  • Proactive advising on how to get the best performance on your roles
Customer support
with every plan
Dover Interviewer
per interview
Dover Concierge
per month per user
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