Hire your next marketer with Dover

We have hired hundreds of top tier marketers with an average time to hire of 2 months.

Dover automates your marketing hiring by:

We specialize in all types of marketing roles (Growth, Demand Generation, Content, Product Marketing, you name it!) for all types of companies (from seed to public).

Many recruiting agencies require a significant on-ramp period. With Dover, you can start seeing candidates within a week of getting started.

Joren McReynolds
VP of Engineering, Panther

Trusted by some of the world's best companies

We discover candidates you actually want to talk to.

Dover uses a robust calibration process to deeply understand your requirements.

Then, our system evaluates prospective candidates on 50+ data points so we can find qualified candidates who are the best possible fits.

Our customers average
5 interviews per role, per week.

We partner closely with you.

  • Dedicated support over Slack
  • ATS integrations
  • Strategy meetings to hone in the search
  • Scheduling management
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Consultation on job description and messaging

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