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Dover helps you hit your hiring plan by:

“We hired 90+ people -- it was simply not possible to hit our hiring goals without Dover.”

Greg Shove
CEO, Section4

Once we have the playbook for a hire, it's very easy to rinse and repeat. Dover gave us so many good people in a week I had to tell them to turn it off.

Joren McReynolds
VP Engineering, Panther

“Dover helped me devote time to what really matters — speaking with the highest quality candidates and sharing our culture with them.”

Charles Hua
CEO, Poised

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Dover finds top candidates for you…

Target candidates you care about

Dover has been used to help find and hire hundreds of top-tier candidates — Dover’s algorithm can calibrate to your hiring preferences and identify candidates that are relevant to your hiring needs.

Edit search criteria as often as you want to zero in on the ideal candidate.

Review interested candidates in a seamless Slack flow. Provide rejection reasons to refine Dover's calibration in real time.

Optimize your strategy across candidate channels

Dover can help you fill top-of-funnel by streamlining your efforts across candidate channels.
Dover’s product will do the heavy lifting for you:
- For inbound/job boards, Dover will manage your ad spend and surface top applicants.
- For outbound sourcing, Dover will identify and reach out to qualified candidates on your behalf, or source them yourself with Dover's Chrome extension. Dover will handle the communication.
- For referrals, Dover will surface a shortlist of qualified candidates within your team's first-degree connections.  

...and helps you move them through the funnel.

Predictive data and analytics

See how your roles stack up to others in terms of interest and response rates, so you can pinpoint where your recruiting process needs adjustment, and make sure your team is on target to hit their hiring goals.
Dover also integrates directly with your ATS, so you have one source of truth for every pipeline. No ATS? No problem, use Dover's pipeline view.

Our best-in-class Customer Experience and Support teams are available anytime to help.

Scheduling & phone screens

Give candidates the best experience by improving responsiveness and eliminating scheduling mishaps -- configure Dover to handle your scheduling workflow.
Plus, you can assign first-round phone screens to our team of expert and career-level interviewers. Candidates will get ample interview time options within the next 7 business days -- never lose candidates due to a lack of capacity.
Free up your time to focus on closing high-signal, fast-tracked candidates.

We partner with your team from start to finish:

Inbound, referral and outbound channel strategy
Expert first-round pitch and phone screens
Scheduling management and assistance
Collaboration with your in-house recruiting team
Strategy meetings to hone in on your searches
Dedicated support over Slack
ATS integrations
Auto-generate bespoke job descriptions (JD)
Performance monitoring, reporting, and benchmarks
Intelligent budget management for job postings

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