Top marketing leaders hire with Dover

Marketing leaders on average find their future hire within 14 days of kicking off the Dover search

We didn't have the bandwidth internally but needed to get going. We couldn't wait to build out the talent acquisition team. We're able to build a world-class marketing team using Dover.
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How we've helped other marketing leaders:

Met their eventual hire during the first week of the search.

Looking for someone who:

  • Has paid marketing and demand gen experience
  • Has experience working at a fast-growing company

How Dover helped:

  • Managing job ads to drive applicants
  • Leveraging Dover Interviewer phone screens
  • Mining the company’s referrals to find best in-network matches
  • Perfecting the job and company pitch

Met their eventual hire 1 month into the search.

Looking for someone who:

  • Has 5+ years of Content Marketing experience
  • Can lead the company’s overall Content Marketing strategy

How Dover helped:

  • Managing job ads and outbound outreach
  • A/B testing their messaging to identify what resonates with candidates
  • Handling initial phone screens

Met their eventual hire 2 weeks into the search.

Looking for someone who:

  • Is based in SF
  • Is familiar with the Machine Learning and Developer space

How Dover helped:

  • Sending outbound outreach to qualified candidates
  • Handling first-round phone screens
  • End-to-end scheduling for every part of the interview process

Met their eventual hire within the first week of the search.

Looking for someone who:

  • Is based in SF or NYC
  • Has a few years of Product Marketing experience in the Data Management space

How Dover helped:

  • Managing job ads
  • Outbound outreach to qualified candidates
  • End-to-end scheduling

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We find top candidates for you…

Targeting candidates that you care about

Dover has been used to help find and hire hundreds of top-tier marketers — Dover’s algorithm can calibrate to your hiring preferences and identify candidates that are relevant to your hiring needs.

Working strategic candidate channels for you

After helping to hire hundreds of marketers, Dover knows what candidate channels to focus on to give you the best ROI. Dover will help you identify the most appropriate strategy to attract the most candidates.
Once we identify the best channel strategy, Dover’s product will do the heavy lifting for you:
- For inbound/job-boards, Dover will manage your ad spend and surface top applicants.
- For outbound, Dover will Identify and reach out to qualified candidates on your behalf.
- For referrals, Dover will surface qualified candidates within your first-degree connections.

...and help you move them through your funnel

Streamlined scheduling

Leave candidates with the best impression of your company by improving responsiveness and eliminating scheduling mishaps -- our product and team take care of interview management for you.
We keep your candidates and funnels in sync, so you can focus on evaluating candidates and selling opportunities.

Expert phone screens

Assign first-round phone screens to our team of expert and career-level interviewers. Candidates will get ample interview time options within the next 7 business days -- never lose candidates due to a lack of capacity.
Free up your time to focus on high-signal, fast-tracked candidates.

We partner with you from start to finish:

Inbound, referral and outbound channel strategy
Expert first-round pitch and phone screens
Scheduling management and assistance
Collaboration with your in-house recruiting team
Strategy meetings to hone in on your searches
Dedicated support over Slack
ATS integrations
Auto-generate bespoke job descriptions (JD)
Performance monitoring, reporting, and benchmarks
Intelligent budget management for job postings

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