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“The integrations with tools we already use, like Slack, are nimble which makes the hiring process frictionless."
Greg Shove
CEO, Section4
It is incredibly easy to get started - it took me 15 minutes to get onboarded, and at the end of it, I was already calibrating whether or not a set of candidates were a good fit based on what I wanted in a hire.
Eric Martin
VP Sales, Vanta
We initially used Dover to help with sourcing and candidate outreach -- it’s rare to find software that does both well. But pairing that with automated scheduling meant we could optimize that and the bottom-funnel candidate experience, which was game-changing.
Christopher Weber
CTO, Factor

Nimble Slack and ATS integrations

We meet you where you're already doing your best work directly in Slack, and integrate with your preferred ATS.

Rather than add another recruiting tool to your plate, we're the glue that holds them all together.

Automate your own outreach at scale

Expert candidate evaluation tech

Our system evaluates prospective candidates on 50+ data points so we can find qualified candidates who are the best possible fits.

Automated outreach and scheduling

We automate personalised outreach at scale, meaning that candidates are 5x more likely to respond to your messages.

And, we help keep email threads, calendar invites, and schedules in sync so you never lose out on the best candidate.

Reporting and analytics

Always know exactly where candidates stand, and how healthy your candidate pipelines are.

Have all of the levers that you need to improve your hiring outcomes at your disposal.

We partner with you from start to finish

Scheduling management and assistance
Inbound, referral and outbound channel management
Intelligent budget management for recruiting expenses
ATS integrations
Performance monitoring, reporting, and benchmarks
Automated job descriptions and outreach
Overall, I would say Dover saved us 10 hours a week. The flow made it easier. I didn’t have to do anything.

Gabriella DeFlorio
Founder, Prelay
As the sole recruiter on the team, I was spread really thin across a ton of hiring priorities. I was really excited that Dover took the sourcing piece off my plate so I could focus on speaking to great candidates.

Dover integrates with our Slack and our ATS, so communicating with them was really easy.
Senior Recruiter, Forge Global

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