How does Dover compare with the competition?

We want you to pick the best partner to hit your hiring goals — even if it’s not us.

Flexible enough to fit your company’s hiring needs from seed to IPO.

Flexible talent acquisition adapts to your company’s unique needs.

Dover is built with this in mind, helping you integrate, resource, and delegate tasks across every stage of the funnel to build deep and high-quality pipelines, and ensure your team makes great hires faster.

Recruiting automation platforms

There are lots of recruiting automation platforms out there — we want to make sure you understand what you get with each of them, so you can choose the best platform for you.

Compare Platformsrecruiting automation platforms buyer’s guide

Sourcing tools

Sourcing is one of the most difficult aspects of recruiting. If you’re looking to compare sourcing automation or manual sourcing tools, check out our buyer’s guide at the links below.

Compare Platformsrecruiting automation platforms buyer’s guide

Candidate management tools

Looking for the best platform to manage candidates in your pipeline and provide a stellar candidate experience? We have a guide to the top 5 platforms for hiring managers and recruiters, plus a feature-by-feature comparison of the most popular options out there.

Compare Platformsrecruiting automation platforms buyer’s guide

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